Forest Expo


Framed for sixth graders, this Forest Expo program starts the students on a forest environment education program within the classroom. All aspects of responsible forest use are covered.

Each student is provided a workbook that covers various topics, all having to do with our forests. In May, the students travel to the Priest River Experimental Forest (PREF) to experience a full day of hands on expositions. The various stations are Forest Health and Management, Tree and Plant Identification, Fire Ecology, Forest Recreation, Fish and Wildlife (species and track identification, habitat and hydrology), Forest Products, Papermaking, a Tree Harvesting demonstration, PREF History and Weather (observation of the local weather station and equipment, etc.)

To date, over 400 students and dozens of parents have enjoyed the program. PCFC has gathered an impressive number of community volunteers (35) to help serve our students’ needs throughout this learning experience. Participation is open to any community person.


Happy Sixth Graders + Adults