Junk Sculpture

Pair of PRLHS Students Turning Trash Into Treasure

Hagadone News Network

PRIEST RIVER — Some might think the combination of metal and art go together like oil introduced to vinegar, but a pair of students at Priest River Lamanna High School are proving that the two can coincide by taking a bunch of junk and turning it into art.
PRLHS senior Cody Magee and sophomore Cody Crosby have been spending around five hours a week since the start of the semester fabricating a sculpture out of materials saved from a local landfill.
Rusty cans, an old muffler, rebar, scrap metal, railroad ties and random car parts — not your normal building materials, but all items incorporated into their sculpture that captures the scene of a family of deer.
Magee took the idea to conceptual drawings, which were chosen by the PRLHS art class and approved by the Priest Community Forest Connection Board of Directors, who have been managing the landfill site since 2010.
“We tried to think about Priest River and what fits the area, and we felt the area is big on family,” Magee said. Adding that the idea of the sculpture is to have “the buck standing protecting the family” and “the doe laying down watching over the fawn.”
A love for drawing since he was three, Magee joined forces with fellow art enthusiast and metal fabricator Cody Crosby and the two have been busy getting the sculpture structurally sound and welding on the rebar for legs, a muffler for the torso, railroad ties for the neck, face and antlers, and a can for the muzzle of the male deer.
The duo will continue to add pieces each day with the anticipation of having the project completed by the end of school.
From there the family sculpture will be temporarily placed at Memorial Park in Priest River before eventually returning to the landfill site as a reminder of what you can make out of what most people would consider junk.
Neither student noted any type of experience with such a project, but both expressed their willingness to participate in what they agreed to be an “odd” but “worthwhile” activity.
Magee definitely sees a career in art and will likely follow in the direction of graphic design or landscape architecture at North Idaho College and eventually the University of Idaho.
Crosby still has a few years to decide his career path, but stated that he has already looked into the Seattle Art Institute.