Meeting Minutes from 11/11/2020


PCFC Meeting Minutes

November 11th, 2020

AJ’s Café


Attendees: Jeff Connolly, Tanner Linton, Steve Linton, Jim Stevens, Carl Wright, Amy Encinas-Yount, Liz Johnson-Gebhardt


Liz called the meeting to order at 6:35 am.


Old Business

October meeting minutes ~ Jim made the motion to accept the minutes as they are and Jeff seconded the motion. All in favor.


Joslyn update ~ Liz has been in contact with Steve Gill about the progress of the clean-up.  There have been a few things that have been discovered, but so far, all are doable. They are removing a large amount of debris that is being shipped to a landfill site in Utah.  They have excavated about 2 feet down at the site of the actual creosote plant, put in the “barrier” (chicken wire) and will cover that with fresh soil.  So far all the ground testing hasn’t shown anything untoward. Liz is supposed to go out to the site with Gill and Jim Martin to see what is going on and talk about the different schedule. Apparently due to the unforeseen materials being found, the schedule will be extended due to testing and going through the channels. Gill is estimating March now.


Landsite ~ So starting with the updates since our conversation: Steve Gill and Liz met on the 12th and went over the original data (2007).  We concentrated on the upper area that we plan to sell.  The environmental engineers from the company we worked with during the restoration pointed out that there are test wells for ‘vapors’. The recommendation is to run tests on those wells to see what changes (or not) have taken place.  Apparently Boise is saying the same thing in order for us to ‘revise’ the environmental covenant.  So, Steve has put in a task order to get the testing started.  His ‘best case scenario’ is that over the past 13 years the vapor issue has settled out.  There is ‘garbage’ under that area as well, none of which was considered toxic.

So our meeting discussion centered around getting Sewell involved for the lot line adjustment and to ascertain the county/city divide on the property. At this point maybe we should hold off on that until we find out what the test wells tell us.

Two steps forward, one step back …


Website ~ Tanner said that he thinks he has things figured out and is at the point of doing a test post. We decided that he will post the meeting minutes first and then we can start getting updated photos, schedules, etc on there.


Financials ~ Everything is in order. Our expenses have been minimal so we decided to keep things just as they are until we need to make a move.  Jason Jeffers should be sending us a bill for the work on the trail that he has performed so far and that will come out of the Innovia grant funds.  Amy suggested we contact Aaron at Innovia to see what the odds are for us to get an extension for the trail if needed.  With the fast and constant changes going on with the market, Jim suggested that we ask Seth to send out an updated summary of the EJ account at his convenience.

Liz inquired whether Jim and Steve were able to connect with Greg Jakeman about the IRS overdue payment.  Apparently Greg has not responded to any of Jim’s communications.  He and Steve discussed this and proposed that we pay the penalty because Greg is obviously not going to take care of this responsibility probably because his insurance would not be happy with the situation. Carl made the motion to cut the check to the IRS and Jim seconded it.  All agreed.


New Business

CFLRP ~ Liz reported that the proposal to the Collaborative Forest Land Restoration Program, which the 3 north Idaho collaborative put together, has been selected for the 2021 fiscal year (meaning we would get started in 2022).  The proposal was chosen out of 22 nation wide and would incorporate about 2.5 million into forest projects for the north zone of the IPNF. Great news.


PORP Trail

Jay’s efforts ~ Liz went out onto the project site and Jay has been able to get some of the clearing and grubbing accomplished.  There are debris piles and he got to the area where fill may be needed to proceed. Liz suggested that we amend the contract to give Jay more latitude as far as the schedule is concerned because of the weather, but more importantly because his schedule has become really jammed.  After Carl’s somewhat terse thought that we should NOT suspend the contract overall, Liz suggested that we amend the contract and give him until May 1st to complete the work.  Liz will meet with Jay and go over that.

There was a side discussion that if/when the land site sale goes through, some of the proceeds be pushed over to the trail project to keep things moving and possibly get up to the highway in the next year(2021).

Liz and Steve also reported that they had met with Cliff from POVA and walked the trail portion close to the railroad, mostly to insure good neighbor communication.  It went super well and Cliff was supportive of our plan, keeping the railway’s working needs to about 8 feet from the actual trail.  That is no problem.


NEXT MEETING ~ COVID considerations will be taken into account closer to the meeting.  December 16th, 5 pm @ the Wine Bar.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:31 am.


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