Granite Creek Spring 2013

In March 2013, the Granite Creek Large Wood Replenishment monitoring crew headed north from Nordman, Idaho to implement the Spring portion of the monitoring program. With feet of snow in the mountain, they travelled on snowmobiles, armed with cameras, notebooks, snowshoes, a chainsaw and survival kits. The crew consisted of Jill Cobb, Jeff Connolly, Todd Douglas, David Gebhardt and Liz Johnson-Gebhardt. They went up both the north and south forks of Granite Creek and photographed a number of structures to document whatever changes have taken place so far. None of the structures they observed had moved so far.

Massive amounts of snow have helped to anchor the large logs into the creek bank and the creek bed. This will help to embed the logs and should help to lessen the movement of the logs. There are all ready signs of new gravel beds (necessary for spawning) and new pools that will enable fish to move more easily and hide more successfully.

The next step will be to go back up and check things at the end of May or the beginning of June when the water will have picked up from snowmelt. Following that trip, there will be another fly over, probably in late summer, to aerial photograph the structures and compare them to the photos that were taken last September.