Granite Creek Update, September 2013

Another round of monitoring of the Granite Creek project took place on September 12th. Hydrologist Jill Cobb, Hydrologic technician Kent Allen, and PCFC director Liz Johnson-Gebhardt were fortunate to have a sunny 85 degree day to snorkel the north fork of Granite Creek. Wet suits, snorkels and masks were donned and the team entered the creek at the 5th reach.

Starting upstream, the team inspected the structures that were placed in the water last summer. Photos were taken to document the changes in the stream: deep pools and new channels have been carved out, gravel beds have been scoured clean and many areas of cover have been formed by the new wood structures. 30 fish were spotted, most of them young from this year. All the fish were utilizing the structures. 2 Kingfisher and an American Dipper were observed on the structures and merganser ducks were swimming between structures.

All of this monitoring is producing very exciting information as to the success of the project. The team will continue to monitor the north and south forks of Granite Creek for the next year.