Granite Creek Update

On August 8th, PCFC Director and Granite Creek project manager Liz Johnson-Gebhardt and photographer Nick Ivie took to the sky for another round of aerial monitoring.  Inland Helicopters’ pilot, Dave, took Liz and Nick up and with precise flying maneuvers they were able to pinpoint the changes in the north and south forks.  Documenting these changes is a large part of the learning process for hydrologists and biologists who are working to restore and improve fish habitat, especially for the endangered bull trout.

It has been a full year since the Granite Creek fish habitat restoration project was completed.  The changes in the stream channels are apparent and exciting.  By placing large wood into the north and south forks of Granite Creek, pools have been formed, scouring of undesirable silt has taken place and areas of shaded water are present for the fish to safely rest.

A fish biologist, a hydrologist and Liz will snorkel the creeks in September to determine if there is any improvement in bull trout nests.  Further monitoring of the project will continue for the next year.  Over the winter, the photos and documentation that has been collected so far will be compiled and assessed.