Highway 57 Corridor

Highway 57 Corridor Project

For over eight years, PCFC facilitated talks and plans between the Idaho Transportation Department and the Forest Service to clear the right-of-way along Highway 57 from Priest River to Pries tLake.  The safety issues along this corridor are extreme: dead and dying hazard trees are falling onto the roadway on a daily basis, wildlife is impossible to see until it is on the roadway creating dangerous collisions between travelers and the animals, and due to the highly shadowed situations frost, ice and snow does not melt off as quickly as is desirable.

Daylighting the roadway will help with all of these issues.

Due to some miscalculations and miscommunications, the contract for the project was pulled and will go through a new planning session.  This delay of a couple of years is disappointing, but it is anticipated that the project will be ready to go out for new bids by the end of the year.

PCFC is committed to dealing with the above issues and with improving the safety of this important north south travel corridor.