River Passage Trail

Boots on the Ground!

The Pend Oreille River Passage Trail begins its 25 mile proposed route to link Oldtown and Dover with a bike and walking trail.

Please join us to help complete this project.

Learn more: 1 Minute Video


Here is an interactive web portal for all Trails, existing and planned, in Bonner County. The mapping tool can be used to view proposed trails against different base maps – topo, jurisdictional, satellite, etc. – and to determine where public vs. private lands are. A drawing tool can also be used to pencil in alignments, and be printed off for planning purposes. A reporting tool is included which brings up information. A query tool can be used to find certain trails, or certain types of trails, such as by use.


Following are announcements regarding the Pend Oreill River Passage Trail over the course of the last few years. To get involved in our effort, contact PCFC at 208-448-0210 or email lizjg35@hotmail.com.

We had a Trailhead Party in Oldtown June 13. Check it out!

A short documentary video of the Trail Design Workshop in November:

We are building a Trail! Check out our recent Planning Workshop in this short video, and then join our effort!

Initial Planning Meeting: The Pend Oreille River Passage Trail

We probably all have a few stray thoughts of Spring this time of year, so why not act on them? Priest Community Forest Connection and the National Park Service are looking for community members to form a planning committee for the Pend Oreille River Passage trail. There are many folks out there who have expressed keen interest in this trail and we know you all have your vision of what this trail should be. Come and share these great ideas!

The National Park Service representative, Alex Stone, will be in town on March 6th. PCFC and Alex are looking to put together a working group that will eventually come up with a conceptual design. We are hoping to have folks from all our local towns join in, so we can enjoy the spectacular results of connecting trails from all over our region.

Though this section of trail is joining the Dover trail to the Washington border, we know many of our neighbors in Washington and Montana are interested in this project, so please join us! We need help in organizing concepts and ideas, in bringing resources to the table and finding solutions to the challenges. And you all would be helpful!

The Idaho/Montana American Society of Landscape Architects (IMASLA) has pledged to bring their expertise to these planning sessions. They are very interested in working with folks of all ages and interests: so young-old, tall-short, even your dogs are welcome!! This is an amazing opportunity for young people to gain experience in working on a community project that will lead towards future education and employment prospects.

We will be posting updated information on the PCFC website, so check that out (www.communityforests.com). You may also call or stop by the PCFC office: 138 Main Street, Priest River or 208-448-0210. You can also e-mail us at pcfc.liz@gmail.com or lizjg35@hotmail.com. Join in the fun and help make this exciting project a reality.

Awesome news for PCFC and the coummunity!



Download the News Release (Word doc).

Download the Daily Bee article on the Trail Project (pdf).

More news here soon…